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Mumbai  Race Tips With Complete Analysis 20Apr’ 2014

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1No.348. THE K.J.K. IRANI PLATE 1200 Mts 2.30 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.2,50,000)A Handicap for Horses Rated 01-26. (Class-V)
Horses Considered for the Selections:8 9 4 5 12 11
8. ESSENCE OF LOVE281d 57.5 A.Sandesh 2 ]=shown some improvement over a mile, earlier runs poor, this trainer is going for a big jockey , tracking good
9. SHOCKALOT317b 56 C.S.Jodha 6]=all runs except last effort was bad, forward last time, trip down 200, may make amends
4. THUNDER STAR289b 58.5 S.Mosin 5]=winner CD] last un was bold 2nd, can consider
5. ANCIENT WORLD167 57.5 S.G.Prasad 3 ]=13 out of 14 and 12 out of 12 in higher class, both runs interfered, demotion first run, poor performance so far
11. DONATA216 53 R.Shelar 1]= a dubious form animal , never shown any zeal, shining in latest trials, I leave it to your imagination , could be a nuclear bomb
12. PRINCE ARIUS256 53 Nirmal Jodha 7 ]=last run slow out , earlier two runs average, blood vessel broke last run , working with a higher rated companion in track trials
3. NEW STAR257 58.5 I.Pasha 8 ]=had 4 runs this season, once placed, last two runs modest, this jockey wins once in a blue moon, can omit
2. CLASSIC RULER245 58.5 H.G.Rathod 11 ]=6 poor runs in higher class, not bound to improve, an oldie aged 9 years , can omit
1. MISSFIELD209 59 * D.S.Daman 9 ]=had one poor run in higher class, demoted, raw rookie rides for the first time , can’t say anything  for sure frankly
6. CEASARINA257 57.5 B.Nikhil 4 ]=shown marginal improvement in last run, trip up 200, can consider
10. EXACTLY330 54 J.Pradeep 10 ]=never attempted place in last 6 runs , runs the same class, little improvement seen, looks not enough to land the prize
2No.349. THE JIMMY BHARUCHA TROPHY 1200 Mts 3.00 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.4,00,000)For Indian Horses 3 years old only.
Horses Considered for the Selections: 7   4 2 1
7. LADYBIRD183 51.5 Akshay 5 ]=had three runs  in higher company, looks can exploit on weight advantage, runs 200 down in trip , working regularly and can be in the lime light
1. DOUBLE O SEVEN(296) 57 Neeraj Rawal 1 ]=winner over 1000m last time, trip up 200, now running in terms(M.Narredu)
2. HIGH EXPECTATION(295) 57 A.Sandesh 4 = trainers doosra , same jockey partners, better than stable mate, trip 200 extra
3. VENI VIDI VICI271 57 B.Nikhil 2 ]= winner cd , later ran colts champion 7 out of 8 , turns to pet trip
4. ZEDA154 55.5 C.S.Jodha 6 ]=A 2yo Maiden winner at Pune, later had a poor run this centre in a million Stakes race, goes the same trip
5. WHITESOX 53 Kavraj Singh 7 ]=season end debut run, own bred Sedgefield(USA)–Bright And Cheery(USA) 19111 b g 3 (M.P.Jodha)
6. ENGLISH LASS 51.5 Ishwar Pardeshi 3 ]=debut run English Channel–Cherokee Star(USA) 21311 b f 3, trainers doosra (M.P.Jodha)
Our Tips: 7. LADYBIRD
(Total Stakes Rs.3,65,000)A Handicap for Horses Rated 60-86. (Class-II)
Horses Considered for the Selections: 2 5 6
2. HEATWAVE302b 55.5 A.Sandesh 2 ]=amazing form this season, goes the same trip, last run interfered, begs another chance, form jockey up an advantage note
5. TRANCE278d 52 J.H.Christopher 6 ]=with the pace and placed  4th in a mile, trying all trips and all company including terms , runs in sharper sprint, a win for her is a long overdue , trainer jockey combo proven yesterday
6. VICTORIA FALLS(286) 51.5 C.S.Jodha 4 ]= easy winner lower class, trip down 200, in for a stiff fight here
1. KNIGHT OF KE(329) 59 P.Trevor 1 ]=forward and won , trip down 200, in form, this trainer won most races on Sunday, check history if you want
3. BARRINGO278c 54.5 * Yash Narredu 3 ]= Raw rookie , trip reduced, last ran 4th,blood vessel broke in last run , looks difficult here
4. RUNNING SUN278w 54 T.S.Jodha 5 ]=trip cut 400, poor last two, can omit
(Total Stakes Rs.3,20,000)A Handicap for Horses Rated 40-66. (Class-III)(20 to 39 eligible.)
Horses Considered for the Selections: 6 5 7 2
6. VASCO DA GAMA(293) 54.5 N.S.Parmar 6 ]=winner lower class after a slow jump, trip up 200, looks can make it once again
5. UCHESHRAWA316 56 Nirmal Jodha 3]=winner CD lower class, later 3 runs not worth commenting, has the fox character
1. PROTECTOR OF PARIS316 59 P.Trevor 2 ]=running modest races, big trainer, goes the same trip, can amend last two failures, sheds head gear now
2. LORELEI201 57.5 D.K.Ashish 5 ]=had two runs marred by incidents, looks difficult on age factor
7. SHINING PATH288b 54 A.Sandesh 4 ]=winner CD] lower class, later good 2nd in 9F, tossed up a class, in with a reasonable chance as Sandesh picks up the ride
3. RUBENS316 57 B.Nikhil 1 ]=winner CD] lower class, latest poor run this class, at max can place
4. MIGHTY KING316 56 H.G.Rathod 7]= last 5 runs never impressed me to make a valid comment
5No.352. THE DADY ADENWALLA TROPHY Div. II 1000 Mts 4.30 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.4,00,000)For Maiden Indian Horses 3 years old only.
Horses Considered for the Selections: 12  1 6 7
12. SWEET AS HONEY272b 53.5 Kavraj Singh 3 ]= finished closer last run, saddle slip report last run, warrants a strong attention, trip same
1. CEZANNE296b 55 A.Sandesh 8 ]=last run bold, trip same, in with a good chance
6. ARRIVEDERCI 53.5 P.Trevor 5 ]= debut run, trainer jockey owner combo good, can consider, surprising not available in night odds
7. BLEND OF ELEGANCE272c 53.5 C.S.Jodha 9 ]=fair debut run, can get closer , trip same
2. DREAMZ UNLIMITED 55 Ishwar Pardeshi 10 ]= career first run, tracking well, Phoenix Tower(USA)–Armetta 5311 b g 3 (Altaf Hussain) 53 A
3. SUNNY SEA261b 55 Deep Shanker 6 ]=sparingly raced, 3rd run career, scope for improvement, cannot threaten a winner here
4. VALENTINO87 55 Shrikant Kamble 4 ]= will take some more time to come to hand, poor debut effort
5. ANI’S V 53.5 Anil Baandal 11 ]=debut run, trainer not known to win maiden races Sussex(GB)–Rage of Angels 26311 ch f 3 (Amjad Khan) 45 S
9. DUSK N DAWN 53.5 D.A.Naik 7 ]=debut run, had three poor work outs Peintre Celebre–Silenia(USA) 12211 ch f 3 (Mansoor Shah) 53 S
10. MALZIE 53.5 D.K.Ashish 1]=debut run, had a single work out Phoenix Tower(USA)–Matisse 25211 dk b f 3 (Altaf Hussain) 50 A
11. REALITY307 53.5 I.Pasha 2 ]=had three poor runs, worth kicking out from the competition
(Total Stakes Rs.2,85,000)A Handicap for Horses Rated 20-46. (Class-IV)(0 to 19 eligible.)
Horses Considered for the Selections: 4 14 5 1 7 9 8
4. FLEETWOOD MAC319b 57.5 C.S.Jodha 1 ]= bold last run in 2000m ,  trip down 200, looks to be strong contender
14. ZAAN293 52 Arshad Alam 4]= had three poor runs , jockey from Bangalore and not proven in this track , vote on trainer strength, still a maiden
5. SAMBA WARRIOR235b 57 J.H.Christopher 8 ]=jockey trainer combo had a  long shot yesterday, placed twice in 7 F, trip up 400, may get closer to the winner
1. WINGED KING340c 59 D.K.Ashish 2 ]=fair last two runs, trip up 200, failed favorite in 5 years old and up, now runs in younger company, chances not that rosy
7. SKY LANTERN252 56 Neeraj Rawal 6 ]=lower class 10F winner, later flopped, winning jockey is back is a breaking news
9. SCALANAYA325b 55.5 * Bhawani Singh 13 ]=winner CD]lower class in slow pace, later 3 modest show, raw rookie rides,
8. FEAST OF LOVE305 55.5 P.Trevor 9 ]=interfered last run,  earlier won easy in 1600m in lower class, may surprise
2. YODHA SHAKTI265d 59 * Shammi Khan 12 ]=last 4 runs in longer trip, rookie to handle, form not encouraging
3. DANSE DEBONAIRE319 58 H.G.Rathod 7 ]=winner CD with feather weight, flopped after penalty, (Narendra Lagad)
6. SAVAGE GARDEN319 56.5 B.Nikhil 14 ]=trainers doosra, drawn wide,  has some upset chance, form modest, age group against (Narendra Lagad)
10. WORD OF HONOUR340 54 I.Pasha 11 ]=trainers theesra, poor form this season , deserves s a strong kick to be out of completion
11. ARGYLE PINK319d 53 Vikram Walker 5 ]=12 F winner lower class, later far away 4th in longer trip, loves slow pace
12. ICE RINK(309) 52.5 T.S.Jodha 3 ]=a mile winner lower class, trip up 200, this company is tougher than previous, looking for a split here
13. SWORD OF HONOUR293c 52.5 Kavraj Singh 10 ]= improved in last run , trip up 400 and in compass, can consider as an upset
7No.354. THE DADY ADENWALLA TROPHY Div. I 1000 Mts 5.30 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.4,00,000)For Maiden Indian Horses 3 years old only.
Horses Considered for the Selections: 2 8 6 9 11 12
2. ACT OF VALOUR295b 55 C.S.Jodha 3 ]=improved last run, trip same, plans strong assault now note
8. AQUAMARINE 53.5 P.Trevor 4 ]=debut run, 4 easy work outs, cannot underestimate, trainer shrewd in clearing maiden even without any preps Mastercraftsman–Pilgrim’s Way(USA) 23311 dk b f 3 (P.Shroff) 51 A
6. SPADES 55 A.Sandesh 10 ]=debut run, trainer has three entries, Sandesh to make a difference among the other two Ace(IRE)–Nora 31311 b c 3 (Altaf Hussain) 49 A
9. LHOTSE276d 53.5 Nirmal Jodha 8 ]= placed in last three runs, runs with a modest chance
11. SOMETHING SPECIAL227c 53.5 Kavraj Singh 6 ]=improved third last runSedgefield(USA)–Special Tapestry(USA) 14211 ch f 3 (M.P.Jodha)
1. ACKER BILK 55 S.S.Baria 12 ]=debut run, Ontario(USA)–Oscar Silk(GB) 7411 b g 3 (Mansoor Shah) 50 S
3. CLOUDS OF GLORY 55 I.Pasha 1 ]=debut run Alnasr Alwasheek(GB)–Arabian Lady 28211 ch g 3 (Altaf Hussain) 53 A
4. MOTO BENE321 55 B.Nikhil 9 ]=can omit on last two poor show
5. SENOR D 55 Deep Shanker 5 ]=debut run Phoenix Tower(USA)–Salawati 5211 b g 3 (Altaf Hussain) 51 A
7. THE UNICORN 55 Neeraj Rawal 11 ]=debut run, trainer has one more entry note Verglas–Fourpenny Lane(GB) 22411 gr g 3 (P.Shroff) 49 A
10. MOUSSAEIF 53.5 N.S.Parmar 7 ]=debut run Alnasr Alwasheek(GB)–Flaming Glory 2311 b f 3 (Zadmal Singh) 47 A
12. WITHOUT FEAR231 53.5 Shrikant Kamble 2 ]=improved last run, trip down 200, plans making a mark
8No.355. THE ATMOSPHERE PLATE 1000 Mts 6.00 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.2,85,000)A Handicap for Horses Rated 20-46. (Class-IV)5 years old and over
Horses Considered for the Selections: 1 2 6 4 9 11
4. BLIND DATE275b 59 * Yash Narredu 15 ]= stand side draw and raw rookie on reins, last run was bold, should be a strong candidate otherwise
1. SONG OF AFRICA297 61.5 * D.S.Daman 3 ]=last run was in higher class, runs  a pet trip runs in winning class, claims allowance, a chance for  raw the rookie to show his pushing power, example of horses making  a jockey
9. YARDSTICK308 56.5 S.Mosin 6 ]=after winning a 1000m trip once placed in 3 runs , this trainer is reaping rich reward this season, can be a bolt from the blue
6. SMALL TREASURE(275) 57.5 S.G.Prasad 9 ]=winner CD] carries little more mass, plans to be in the thick of things , can consider
11. BASIC LIFE303c 55.5 Neeraj Rawal 10 ]=never far away in last 4 attempts, trainer’s doosra, can make its presence felt today
2. PASSION PRINCE312 59.5 Shrikant Kamble 2]= an in-out case, tries reduced trip, form zig zag in last runs, can be with a pace and make some dents
8. GRAND MARCH323 56.5 Nirmal Jodha 5 ]=never closer in last 5 runs this season, some marginal improvement noted, can get nearer with renewed effort
3. PEZZONOVANTE263 59.5 I.Pasha 14 ]=ignore last run in higher class, earlier placed in 1200m after a win this season, drawn very wide is a worry, a strong appeal for a money slot  prevails
5. CROWNED PRINCESS326 58 H.G.Rathod 8 ]=6 runs once a second later disappearing from the competition, runs the same trip, looks can be sidelined
7. TITLEIST323 57.5 * Akshay Gaikwad 13 ]= third run this class, form not encouraging, runs reduced trip, rookie astride
10. SNOW ANGEL325 56 Vikram Walker 4 ]=last run interfered, had 7 conditioning runs, looks has come to hand, can upset the proceedings
12. POLAR ZONE(289) 54 Akshay 7 ]=pushed up a class after winning 1200m , meets tougher opponents, plans trying to hit the front and fade
13. BETHLEHEM170 53.5 Sandeep Jadhav 1 ]=winner of this sprint in lower class, later flopped this class, relative handicap supports for a fluke place slot
14. PRETTY IN PATPONG324 52.5 Hanumant Singh 11]= one of the trio of the trainer, after winning 1200m in lower class had 5 runs this class without any promise, may be planning a surprise move, trip down 200 (H.J.Antia)
15. MIRACLE OF MERCY303w 52 D.A.Naik 12 ]= never interested in last 5 efforts, I have no dare to recommend

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