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Mysore Race to Race Analysis and Tips for 29 10 2014


1No.170. THE CHITRAKOOTA PLATE 1400 Mts 1.00 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.2,75,828)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 00 to 25 (Class-V)
4 years old and over, confined to Mysore based horse
Horses considered for the selection: Odds order : NIL
8. DUTY FREE 52 T.S.Jodha 3]= came down heavily in handicap, looks will make the onslaught, can consider
3. CATERINA163 60 V.R.Jagadeesh 8 ]= improvement seen last effort, trip=, can consider
9. PROST120d 51 P.Kiran Rai 1 ]= running closer in the same trip, needs serious attention here
1. BELLE ETOILE17 62 * Nassar Alam 9 ]= 4TH run demotion, tracked nicely,  ignore last performance, can consider
6. WINDSOR PARK101 58 S.Shoban Babu 7 ]= placed twice in the sharper trip, trip in compass, may try to upset proceedings
2. ZAMINDAR145d 61 A.Vishwanath 5]= a far away 4th in higher class, carries more mass in the same trip, needs consideration
4. SHADES OF SCARLET154c 58.5 Arshad Alam 4 ]= a reasonable third in last run, trip up and not new,  can get into the money slot
5. STONE WARRIOR135 58 D.Gnaneshwar 2 ]= consider penultimate, can be a live threat here
7. TIME MATTERS143 57.5 Melvyn Maseyk 6 ]= had a poor run this season, earlier a failed fav in the same trip, continues on negative shoe a worry
Our Tips:8 9
2No.171. THE PINAKINI PLATE 1100 Mts 1.30 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.2,75,828)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 00 to 25 (Class-V)
Horses considered for the selection: Odds order : NIL
9. THE ALCHEMIST118 60 * Nassar Alam 9 ]= loves running in the front bunch, last run in 1400 excusable, reduced trip, chances bright now, can consider seriously
4. FRIENDS FOREVER154d 61.5 S.Santosh Kumar 6 ]= 6th run season, improved form, trip sharp, a late comer, can consider
11. BADSHAH163 58 Janardhan Paswan 3]= came down in handicap, never shown zeal this season , can upset on Mysore summer form
12. ATTRACTOR127c 52.5 Irvan Singh 12 Late-TIROLINO]= twice placed this season, when we think of chance the trainer also goes for negative shoeing
1. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY143 62.5 A.Ashok Kumar 2 ]= last run slow, earlier winner 1400, trip looks sharper
2. NAMRATTAAZZ101 62.5 Mohd.Asif 4 ]= continues to show poor performances, third run this class , looks planning a different strategy to run under cover
3. PINE ART 62.5 A.R.Pradeep 7 ]= horrible poor performance at maiden company, now in open lowest class, must improve more
5. SUBADRA146 61.5 C.Harish 11 ]= poor last three, can omit
6. FANTASY LIVING122d 61 Afsar Khan 10 ]= an excusable last run, plans putting up an improved effort note
7. SWEET TODDY112 60.5 Melvyn Maseyk 5 ]= poor form continues, 2nd run on demotion, needs more tuning
8. DANCINGKING146 60 Gautam Raj Urs 8 ]= modest to poor form, nothing much to recommend
10. BATTLE EMPRESS110 58.5 P.Kiran Rai 1 ]= never shown any interest so far, it is dangerous to support without valid reasons
Our Tips:9 4
3No.172. THE MAYASANDRA PLATE Div. II 1200 Mts 2.00 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.3,44,786)A Handicap for Indian Horses 5 years old and over Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)
Horses considered for the selection: Odds order : NIL
3. SHOOT OUT35b 56.5 B.L.Naveen 9 ]= challenged and was out run in last effort, looks a threat here
2. LAKE EMERALD144b 58 D.Gnaneshwar 8 ]= found no extra in last run when challenged, can improve upon
8. THE GUARDIAN129 54 Saddam Hussain 4 ]= had a poor run, a good type, surprise chance not ruled out
1. MOUNTAIN SPLENDOR84 60 V.R.Jagadeesh 5 ]= third run on demotion, may not stay too long in this class
4. VIVA DIVA162d 56 P.Kiran Rai 10 ]= an improved 4th in last run, looks planning a place slot
5. CEASARIA166 55 N.Ramesh Kumar 7 ]= running for ‘running’ sake, an aimless trainer with the same character rider
6. GOLDEN WISDOM144 55 Irvan Singh 2  always seen with the tail enders in last 5 runs this season, can afford to omit ]=
7. HEAVENLY DIVAS144 54.5 A.Vishwanath 3 ]= a dubious form animal and has a chance to improve, this season ran poor  to make any positive comment
9. AFTERNOON DELIGHT145 53.5 Gautam Raj Urs 1 ]= last runs paid once in place bet, can afford to omit
10. JAZZBYTHEBAY162 53.5 B.Harish 6 ]= immediately lost the form, trainer urgently going for negative shoes after poor latest run , can omit s
Our Tips:3 2
4No.173. THE BRINDAVAN GARDENS PLATE Div. II 1400 Mts 2.30 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.3,44,786)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)
Horses considered for the selection: Odds order : NIL
2. CUTE BEAST(143) 59 P.Kiran Rai 11 ]=defied the top handicap and won the similar trip in the lower class, trainer milking it nicely,  can consider
6. THRILLSEEKER85d 54.5 A.Ashok Kumar 2 ]= modest form , shoes positive, trip down, chances look rosy
12. EMANCIPATION143 50.5 JWDL 9 ]= trainers doosra, looks something fishy, watch ring odds
7. MY FAVOURITE VOICE144d 54 Afsar Khan 8 ]= watch ring odds, combo loves backing and cashing
1. ALWAYS UNITED137c 60 JWDL 7 ]= in reasonable upward form , trip=, can consider
3. LA PIPERI169 59 Janardhan Paswan 10 ]= poor lat two, support on Mysore summer run
4. SIENA105 55 M.Madhu Babu 3 ]= bad gate manners, I really hate to recommend such types
5. AAYAN157 54.5 A.R.Pradeep 4 ]=improved gate manners in last run, yet to show the strength, can omit
8. THE BACK BENCHER168 54 V.R.Jagadeesh 12 ]= mostly behaving true its name, inconsistent, no strong vote on performance
9. SUPREME STRENGTH165 53.5 B.Harish 6 ]= capable of running with the pace, last ran very poor, trip down, chance on change of tactics if any
10. FLYINGHORSE111 51.5 Irvan Singh 1 ]=uninterested so far, can omit
11. COME ON GINGIN120 50.5 Saddam Hussain 5 ]=poor gate manners, consideration comes later
Our Tips:2 6
5No.174. THE PHALGUNI RIVER PLATE 1400 Mts 3.00 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.4,13,740)A Handicap for Indian Horses 5 years old and over, Rated 40 to 65 (Class-III) confined to Mysore based horses.
Horses considered for the selection: Odds order : NIL
6. OHIYESA140b 56 * Nassar Alam 7 ]= ran well enough recent, rookie in place of a jockey, an oldie, looks will run better
7. QUEEN141c 55.5 Saddam Hussain 5 ]= a good last three effort, ca consider on consistency
1. BOURBON STREET148 61.5 D.Gnaneshwar 4 ]= after placing 2nd, shown two poor shows, capable of a surprise run
2. COLOR ME140d 60.5 Mohd.Asif 6 ]= improve form , runs the pet trip, chance modest
3. ESOTERICAL156 57 M.Madhu Babu 8 ]= a lower class winner, later twice unplaced this class, trying to find a grove
4. FLYING TRICOLOUR156 57 N.Ramesh Kumar 1 ]= a forward runner runs trip up, looks can omit
5. NO DOUBT153 56.5 A.R.Pradeep 2 ]=penultimate better effort than last, can excuse last run
8. ALWAYS ON TOP158 55 A.Vishwanath 9 ]= ran a poor mile race this class, a lower class winner , looks little difficult here
9. BOLD NATURE156 54 B.Nayak 12 ]= looks happy with the training  off period, can omit
10. DANCE WITH ME113 53.5 B.Harish 11 ]=others look far better
11. WIND FORCE108 53.5 A.Ashok Kumar 3 ]= a competitor  for the last spot so far , can omit
12. BUCETHALIS108 53 P.Kiran Rai 10 ]= long time no show, may aim a place slot on best old form
Our Tips:7 6
6No.175. THE MAYASANDRA PLATE Div. I 1200 Mts 3.30 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.3,44,786) A Handicap for Indian Horses 5 years old and over Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)
Horses considered for the selection: Odds order : NIL
7. QUEENS COLOUR165b 59 Afsar Khan 4 ]= good last effort in 1400, loves dashing on the scene, looks may be little late here
2. SUNDAY CRUZ157c 62 P.Kiran Rai 10 ]=support on last three shows and reduced trip, can consider
3. VOLANS41 60.5 V.R.Jagadeesh 5 ]= had an easy run this season,  looks has an upset chance here
9. GIFT OF LOVE 57.5 D.Gnaneshwar 1 ]=combo works well,  runs after good rest , can consider as an upset
6. JEYEM’S PRIDE(112) 59 A.Ashok Kumar 7 ]= found new wings in lower class, looks will be findings place slot
1. MAGIC WAVE160 62.5 C.Harish 9 ]=, form modest to average, looks cannot threaten a winner here
4. JAANVI139 60 Irvan Singh 8 ]= form modest to average,  can be in the money board if serious
5. GAME DANCER36 59.5 A.R.Pradeep 2 ]= loves running and getting out run in closing stages, can consider on forward strength
8. INDIAN149 58.5 B.Nayak 3 ]=no point in keep saying Indian when you are an Indian ,needs proving in action
10. RAAGA160c 56.5 B.Harish 6 Late-RAGA]= a late effort in last run, can consider
Our Tips:7 2
7No.176. THE UDHAGAMANDALAM CUP 1400 Mts 4.00 P.M
(TotalStakes Rs.4,82,699)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 60 and above (Class-II)
Horses considered for the selection: Odds order : NIL
12. RISING RANI106 50.5 A.Vishwanath 2 ]= ran below expectations of true punters in last two runs, at attractive weight, up in class, chances good
5. CATHARSIS107 56.5 Melvyn Maseyk 11 ]= last three runs not clean note, trip in compass and this Mumbai customer can upset note
3. ABSOLUTE BRAVE152d 59.5 V.R.Jagadeesh 7 Late-SU O MOTO]= last ran mile and was overtaken by others, trip suits, form fine, can consider
9. SPINNING CHAKRAM132d 53.5 Arshad Alam 12 ]= runs fine all trips, consistency can be rewarded , consider
1. TALISKER150 66 P.Kiran Rai 10 ]=ran higher class last time, earlier winner here, a back breaking handicap looks will stop
2. SECRET PLAN130w 60 Mohd.Shoaib 4 Late-MAGIC STAR]= on best form placed this class, looks will  have an open plan now
4. COOL APPROACH159b 58 T.S.Jodha 6 Late-SIX GUN SMITH]= made a hot approach last run, trip same , can consider
6. BRYANT PARK167 54.5 Gautam Raj Urs 3 ]=average to poor form line, trip up, no sign of showing any improvement
7. ATLAS POWER159d 54 Afsar Khan 8 Late-SPARK OF REVERENCE]= trainers doosra, form average, looks cannot threaten a winner here
8. CLICK152 53.5 B.Harish 5 Late-SUN SALVADOR= poor last two, trip down, can omit
10. SUPREME(161) 53.5 Irvan Singh 9 ]= won cruising in 1200m in lower class, trip suits more now
11. YAMAS159 53.5 S.Santosh Kumar 1 ]=looks has trouble in finding old form, can omit
Our Tips:12
8No.177. THE BRINDAVAN GARDENS PLATE Div. I 1400 Mts 4.30 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.3,44,786)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)
Horses considered for the selection: Odds order : NIL
9. KIMORA(105) 56.5 Arshad Alam 6 ]= a mile winner lower class, trip down , chance again
10. ZAGATO144 55.5 P.Kiran Rai 4 ]= trip in compass, reached thewinning mark again, needs serious consideration
8. BEAUTIFUL LIFE(163) 56.5 A.Ashok Kumar 1 ]= winner CD lower class, can look for a place slot
1. RISING LITTLE STAR(126) 62 A.Vishwanath 2 ]= winner recent, up in handicap and trip, others also have the better chance
2. GUAPO(165) 61.5 C.Harish 9 ]= winner CD] up in handicap is a worry, must accept its improved form
3. RARE AND GORGEOUS(125) 61 Ryan Marshall 12 ]= a narrow sprint winner of a maiden race, decently rate and carries more mass in extended trip, scope to deliver
4. CATCHY CHARGER119 60.5 M.Madhu Babu 11 ]=consistent and average form , can consider
5. YOUNG GALLANT(166) 60 B.Harish 3 ]=up in trip and not new, more mass to carry a worry
6. LEGAL LEGACY79 59 G.Deepaksingh 7 ]= last run in higher class, penultimate more money came on it, looks has form hidden
7. APPY’S PRIDE(128) 58 B.L.Naveen 10 ]= broke the ice after many attempts in lower class, one more looks little difficult
11. LOVE IS LIFE131 55 Saddam Hussain 5 ]= negative shoes, dodging you me and whom not for long  note
12. ORIENTAL BELLE139 55 Irvan Singh 8 ]= dubious form animal , can consider and can omit also,
Our Tips:9 10
(Total Stakes Rs.4,13,740)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 40 to 65 (Class-III)
Horses considered for the selection: Odds order : NIL
8. SALINA 54 Ryan Marshall 12 ]= was trying to eat more than it can digest in last two trips, now contend in shorter sprint, can consider
5. COOL BABY106d 57 Afsar Khan 5 ]= chance good on short trip, form forward note
7. JERSEY BRIDE79c 54 A.Ashok Kumar 1 ]= a good jockey trainer combo, let down last run, can deliver things here
6. RISING ROMEO79 55 M.Madhu Babu 4 ]= had some condition runs so far, looks has come to hand, upset chance
1. TIME FLIES156b 61.5 * A.R.Pradeep 2 ]= loud knocking of the door thrice, can do it know
2. WREKIN55 61.5 V.R.Jagadeesh 10 ]= chance to improve on 2nd run after good rest, can surprise
3. ICE SKATER156 57.5 C.Harish 8 ]= others look better on current form
4. MOUNTAIN MYNAH161w 57.5 B.Harish 3]= poor form line
9. DIVINE LOVE28 53.5 Vijay Kumar 9 ]= must improve more than last effort is the truth
10. ROBINHOOD PANDEY140 53 Arshad Alam 7 Late-LEGAL KNIGHT]= runs down the trip and place chance may be
11. SPEEDY AMIGO79 52.5 Saddam Hussain 6 Late-BLACK KNIGHT]= not for me
12. ABBAS DREAMS161 51.5 P.Kiran Rai 11]= looks something fishy, there is hush hush , can consider as an upset
Our Tips:8 5


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