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Mysore Race to Race Analysis and Tips 24 10 2014

Wishing you happy Diwali 

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1No.162. THE ESQUIRE PLATE Div. II 1200 Mts 1.30 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.3,44,786)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)
Horses considered for the selection: Odds order
9. JAZZBYTHEBAY101b 56 P.Kiran Rai 6 ]= improved form, latest 2nd this season in lower class, can consider
4. ARTHURIAN 57 A.Imran Khan 4 ]= debut run, gate  practiced well to have a say in first outing note
1. SARATOGA SPRING16 60 J.Paswan 9 ]=not disgraced while finishing fifth last run, improved run it looks, can consider but on negative shoes
2. ITS MY PARTY139 59.5 * Nassar Alam 5 ]=once placed and later twice off the board, continuing in negative shoes
3. VIVA DIVA131 59.5 A.Ashok Kumar 7 ]= finished ten out of 11 a poor run this season, poor form to support
5. BEAUTIFUL FIN126 57 N.Ramesh Kumar 3 ]= last run forward  and fizzled out , handicap nearing a old winning mark
8. GO MAN GO147 56.5 M.Prasad 2 ]= after winning a lower class ran twice off the board in 1400 this class, may find a place slot in this weaker set
6. SMILE STONE12 57 Afsar Khan 1 ]= penultimate placed 2nd later had a run this centre, can improve upon
7. WINTER THUNDER125 57 Melvyn Maseyk 8 ]=runs on non winner handicap, yet to find a place slot, trainers doosra
Our Tips:9 4
2No.163. THE LAKSHADWEEP PLATE 1400 Mts 2.00 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.2,75,828)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 00 to 25 (Class-V)
Horses considered for the selection: 4 8 10 9 11 1Odds order
4. BEAUTIFUL LIFE135 61 P.Kiran Rai 10 ]= form modest to average, trip , 2nd run on demotion, shoes positive, looks will  make the required efforts now
10. HONOURABLE EMPRESS127 57 A.Ramu 8]=]= lots of money came on last run, trainer specialist this class, proven jockey trainer combo note
9. BADSHAH53 58 Saddam Hussain 2 ]= had been running nowhere in last 3 runs, trainer goes for positive shoes, came down in handicap, something fishy out here note
11. MUSICAL TREASURE135d 52.5 D.K.Ashish 9]= a failed favorite and fouth, trip same, Reebok shoes, better jockey shift, all roads lead to Rome
1. MOHER136 62.5 Arshad Alam 4 ]= had two poor runs in maiden class, first timer o this open lowest class, chance to be in the money
8. ROSIE’S DREAM118 59 Vivek 11 ]= questionable last run, earlier two runs good,  goes the same trip, can surprise
2. FERMINA143d 61.5 A.Imran Khan 1 ]= twice 4th this season in the same class and trip, in with a chance
3. STAR HEIGHTS122 61.5 * S.Chethankalay 7 ]= higher class form line poor, down in class and up in trip, rookie rides
5. CATERINA37 61 V.R.Jagadeesh 6 ]= last run slow out and off the board this season, earlier level start ad off the board n previous 4 runs
6. MEMORABLE MOMENT120 59.5 Mohd.Asif 3 ]= getting conditioned so far, makes forward running, plans finishing on the money board
7. BEAUTIFUL GREEN143 59 * Nassar Alam 5 ]= an interfered last run, had 4 runs this season, marginal improvement seen
Our Tips:4 10
Total Stakes Rs.4,13,740)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 40 to 65 (Class-III)
5 years old and over
Horses considered for the selection: 1 7 4 8Odds order
4. STARSTRUCK153d 56.5 Afsar Khan 6 ]=placed in last 6 runs, looks will put  up an improved show
1. WIND AND FLIGHT130c 61.5 Y.S.Srinath 5 ]= lower class winner and then third this class, runs the same trip, Srinath up, can consider
7. FIORITTA114b 53.5 Arshad Alam 8 ]= runs on promotion, weight favors now, trip down , may get the reward
8. THEJAGUAR153b 51 A.Ramu 4 ]=improved form line, immediate negative shoes a worry
2. SCENIC BLAST148w 61 B.Nayak 3 ]= a forward runner, poor last three should find best form to get the prize here
3. SMOOTH GLIDER148 60 Melvyn Maseyk 1]= running every week to get conditioned, can omit
5. BORN FOR BEAUTY82 55.5 * Shiva Kumar 2]=this season had two poor runs , earlier form modest, can upset
6. MIDTOWN MAGIC23 54.5 N.Ramesh Kumar 7 ]=tried all sort of magic for too long nothing is working out, may try some new magic here
Our Tips:1 4
4No.165. THE NANDI PLATE Div. II 1400 Mts 3.00 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.3,44,786)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)
confined to Mysore based horses
Horses considered for the selection: 9 7 6 1 5 2 Odds order
9. NEW SUNRISE120 52 V.R.Jagadeesh 5 ]= alternate run slow out and alternate run whip last, finishing closer always in last three , plans doing it now
7. CHARMING DELMAR102c 55 J.H.Christopher 9 ]=looks to have improved in fitness, still a non winner after 4 starts, trainer goes for hard jockey and shoes positive, can consider
6. GUAPO147c 55.5 P.Kiran Rai 1 ]= not much faraway in last four attempts, needs consideration , trip goes well with it , can consider
1. QUEENS COLOUR138d 60 Afsar Khan 6 ]=goes the pet trip now in the same class, form modest, can consider on its consistent efforts
5. SMOKEHEAD145 56 A.Ashok Kumar 4 ]=a average form, not showing the old spark, runs the same trip
2. TIME TO TIME129 58.5 Melvyn Maseyk 3 ]=needs more tuning, poor turn of foot in last 3, can omit
3. SHARP GIRL37 58 Mohd.Asif 2 ]= two poor runs in this class , winner of a lower class 1200 in last season , looks can omit
4. BREAK ON THRU103 56 Arshad Alam 7 ]= 4th run career, never made any move to consider
8. SUPREME STRENGTH102d 55 M.Prasad 8 ]= after winning lower class last season had 4 runs, latest placed 4th, still not enough to threaten a winner here
Our Tips:7 9
5No.166. THE ESQUIRE PLATE Div. I 1200 Mts 3.30 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.3,44,786)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)
Horses considered for the selection: Odds order
1. MAJOR ATTRACTION 62.5 A.Imran Khan 9 ]= Bangalore form modest, runs after Aug , can consider
3. SMART MISTRAL(111) 61 * Nassar Alam 1  ]= backed and won in last run  in open class, can finish in the money board , carries more mass,
2. AMAZON BAY114c 62 Arshad Alam 8 ]= placed in age group, now runs with youngsters, looks little difficult here
8. BROWN PANTHER147 54.5 Afsar Khan 5]= after winning a lower class had 7 runs this class, 5 runs marred by incidents, yet to show mettle in this class, cannot ignore on clean runs
7. YOUNG GALLANT131c 55.5 P.Kiran Rai 3 ]= placed thrice this season, modest form , can aim for a place slot
4. MIDTOWN DELIGHT 59 A.R.Pradeep 2 ]=running very poor this season, looks can omit
5. SWEET ANGEL114 57.5 B.Harish 6 ]=last two runs slow jump, form does not support to consider here
6. CEASARIA131 55.5 Melvyn Maseyk 4]=others look far better on current form
9. GREEN EMERALD122 53 N.Ramesh Kumar 7 ]=not running to the expectation of handicapper and hence 1k g reduced after 6 runs , can omit
Our Tips:
(Total Stakes Rs.4,82,699)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 60 and above (Class-II)
Horses considered for the selection: Odds order
7. ICE CUTTER20b 56 Y.S.Srinath 6 ]= better jockey up now, last run was good in the same trip, can support
5. SPARK OF BEAUTY142b 57.5 J.H.Christopher 3 ]= shown some interest in a 4 horse field, trip down 200, can consider  
4. COMMANDING HEIGHTS107b 57.5 A.Vishwanath 11 ]=consistent I last two, can consider , trainer jockey combo proven
11. EMPEROR CRUISE124b 53 D.K.Ashish 7 ]= was well beaten in 1400 last run, trip cut 200 has brightened the chances now , can consider
6. SWEET SECRET107c 57.5 A.Ramu 10 ]= running consistent, needs your consideration here
8. AZURE FIRE130 55 D.Gnaneshwar 8 ]= has upset elements , recent shows poor, capable of staging a comeback to old form
9. AMAZING REDD124 54.5 Indrajeet Singh 9]=let down followers many a times, runs well when you ignore, trip down 200, can surprise
1. EMERGING STAR74 64 * S.Chethankalay 2 ]= had two poor runs in higher class, poor strike rate rookie is on, can upset, (V.Lokanath)
2. AMAZING DESIRE22 63 B.L.Naveen 4 (V.Lokanath)]= improved in latest run, trainers doosra, can consider
3. RIO GRANDE130 61 Janardhan Paswan 1 ]= not running true to Mysore Summer form, speedy but out of form it looks
10. BRYANT PARK107 54.5 Arshad Alam 12 ]= recent form line average , can aim for a money slot
12. LAD KING56 53 S.Santosh Kumar 5]= last run slow out and off the board, needs more to do here

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