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Mysore Race Tips and Analysis 27 05 2015



1No.18. THE MYSORE PLATE 1200 Mts 2.30 P.M
Winner Rs.2,89,740; Second Rs.1,44,870; Third Rs.72,435;Fourth Rs.43,461; Fifth Rs.28,974; Sixth Rs.14,487, (Total Stakes Rs.5,93,967)For Maiden Indian Horses 3 years old only.
Horses considered for the selection:148
1. COSMIC TOUCH 56 A.Ashhad Asbar 1 ]=had 2 preps including one GP, a failed favorite, pulled up lame last time, can amend, consider
4. MR GO 56 Keanen G.Steyn 8 ]=had 4 preps, latest sharp, finished 2nd in debut, trip up 100, looks will stake its claim now
8. KAGUYA HIMEI 54.5 Ryan Marshall 3 ]=twice placed, runs with positive shoes, tracking with better rated animals note
2. ESTERHAZY 56 Sahanawaz 4 ]=had 2 preps, modest form, jockey not known to win maiden races, can omit
3. GENEROUS GESTURE 56 V.R.Jagadeesh 5 ]=had 5 preps, track companion placed 2nd yesterday note
5. PERFECTIONIST 56 M.Madhu Babu 7 ]=last run bad, earlier placed 2nd, track companion won yesterday note
6. SATVIK 56 N.Ravinder Singh 6 ]=had 7 preps for this race, debut run, trainer fielded 3 in this race note
7. YOUR HONOUR UNFAIR 56 A.Vishwanath 2 ]=career 5th run, once placed faraway 2nd, looks will take some more time
Our Tips: 4. MR GO 8. KAGUYA HIMEI
Winner Rs.1,43,970; Second Rs.71,985; Third Rs.35,993;Fourth Rs.21,595; Fifth Rs.14,397; Sixth Rs.7,200, (Total Stakes Rs.2,95,140)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 00 to 25 (Class-V)5 years old and over
Horses considered for the selection:8 10 2 5 3
8. INDIAN HERO 52.5 M.Madhu Babu 6 ]=not very faraway in last run, trip up 300, TJ combo fine, shoes negative but  latest work out good, consider on that
10. TANDAV 52 Sahanawaz 8]=modest form animal, runs the same trip, twice failed favorite last season, sheds tongue tie
2. AYMAN 61 Nirmal Jodha 5 ]=ran 6 times and unplaced, runs the pet trip, recent form not encouraging, drop in class note
5. BRIGADIER 57 Irvan Singh 10 ]=knocking the door, runs the same trip, had 5 works out note
1. NUALA 62 V.R.Jagadeesh 3]=ran 4 times, placed 4th twice last season, now dropped in class, modest form, carries more mass, at max a place chance
3. SUPREME STRENGTH 58.5 B.Harish 1 ]=an unlucky 2nd in 1100m, trip goes well with it and oldie, may not do it here
4. WOODKRAFT 58.5 Dilip Singh 7 ]=last run slow out and trailed, earlier level start and trailed, runs the same trip in lower class, had 4 preps for this race
6. CEASARIA 56.5 H.G.Rathod 2]=once a failed favorite, last run was in higher class, forward and finished 7th out of 11 runners, looks will take some more time
7. TIME MATTERS 56 S.Mubarak 4 ]=narrow winner last run, handicap up, negative shoes, may need a run here
9. ROSIE’S DREAM 52.5 N.Ravinder Singh 9 ]=had 4 preps, fluke jockey rides, trip up 300 and goes well with it, expect the unexpected
3No.20. THE PRINCE REGENT PLATE 1600 Mts 3.30 P.M
Winner Rs.1,79,960; Second Rs.89,980; Third Rs.44,990;Fourth Rs.26,994; Fifth Rs.17,996; Sixth Rs.8,998, (Total Stakes Rs.3,68,918)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)5 years old and over
Horses considered for the selection:954613
5. ROBINHOOD PANDEY 56.5 D.Gnaneshwar 3]=twice 2nd in last 2 outings, run the same trip, impressive in latest work out, consider
9. CONCENTRATION 53 M.Madhu Babu 2 ]=had 7 preps for this race, a lower class winner last outing, surprise factor exists
1. PEPPER KING 61.5 S.G.Prasad 6 ]=runs on demotion, higher class form average, had 5 preps for this race, looks will put up an improved show
7. CATERINA 55.5 N.Ravinder Singh 4 ]=slow out in last 2  runs, trip same, chance to get near if level starts
2. ALL FOR CASH 61 Md.Imran Ashraf 5 ]=unplaced in last 4 runs, that was in higher class, looks fit in the latest work out, trip not new
3. DANCE OF A GENERAL 59 A.Vishwanath 7 ]=last 3 runs very bad, dropped in class, up in trip, looks to be a conditioning run here
4. ABBAS DREAMS 56.5 V.R.Jagadeesh 8 ]=has bad habits of starting slow, but mile trip give some hope
6. TOO COLD TO HOLD 56.5 Saddam Hussain 9]=ran bad races last season, trip pet, has come to a winning mark now, keep a watch
8. GROUND MARSHAL 55 S.Mubarak 1]=last run was in higher class, earlier twice placed in this class, trainer fielded 2, up in trip, intent unknown
4No.21. THE BALAMURI PLATE 1200 Mts 4.00 P.M
Winner Rs.1,43,970; Second Rs.71,985; Third Rs.35,993;Fourth Rs.21,595; Fifth Rs.14,397; Sixth Rs.7,200, (Total Stakes Rs.2,95,140)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 00 to 25 (Class-V)
Horses considered for the selection:3781
3. LINCON CONTINENTAL 60 A.Vishwanath 7 ]=a failed favorite last time, runs trip down 200, sharpened up well note
7. OPHIRA 55 Sahanawaz 10 ]=finished 2nd in 1100m, trip up 100, chance to get closer
8. WELCOME AGAIN 54 Irvan Singh 4 ]=twice placed in last 2 starts, can consider now
1. OUTER SPACE 60.5 Keanen G.Steyn 9 ]=poor run in maiden class, this class holds some promise, consider
2. SHADES OF SCARLET 60.5 J.Paswan 1 ]=5 unconcerned runs in higher class, last 2 track work improved, may get a place slot
4. JUMP IN THE RED 59 V.Chandrakant 6 ]=last 3 runs were in higher class and poor, jockey not known for winning races, can omit on that
5. HEAVENLY DIVAS 58 Sandeep Rajput 3 ]=a poor performer in last 2 runs, had 4 preps for this race, runs trip down
6. ALLOY 56.5 Nirmal Jodha 2 ]=a bad performer throw out, can omit on that
9. VRAJANANDAN 52 B.Harish 8 ]=always on frame in last 5 runs, but then runs on negative shoes, consider half heartedly
10. BADSHAH 50 S.Mubarak 5 ]=once placed among 3 runs, reached 0 rating, has improved in the work out, may do well here
5No.22. THE OBLIGADO TROPHY 1200 Mts 4.30 P.M
Winner The Trophy (Value Rs.20,000/-) & Rs.1,79,960; Second Rs.89,980; Third Rs.44,990;Fourth Rs.26,994; Fifth Rs.17,996; Sixth Rs.8,998,(Total Stakes Rs.3,68,918)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)
Horses considered for the selection:10115893
10. ACE PRINCESS 53 * Shiva Kumar 6 ]=a forward running customer, speedy, may try start to finish tactics
4. CYCLOPS 60 Nazim 9 ]=a customer from Mumbai, runs better in long trip, moving impressively in trials, may upset
3. AL DORADO 60 Ranjeet Singh 2 ]=last 2 runs were in terms class, modest form line, can consider to be closer
11. GRACE AND GLORY 52.5 Anil Baandal 11 ]=twice failed favorite, trip down, negative shoes
5. DARE THE DON 59 S.Santosh Kumar 12 ]=a maiden winner, later ran poor in terms race, may touch the money board
8. NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE 54 Nirmal Jodha 1 ]=last run was closer, chance to be in the money slot
9. BLACK DRAGON 53.5 P.Uday Kiran 10 ]=a habitual slow starter, chance to upset if level break
6. LITTLE ATHENA 57.5 Gautam Raj Urs 8 ]=a dubious form animal, runs well when connections put their money
2. ALWAYS UNITED 60.5 Melvyn Maseyk 3]=after winning narrowly in this class ran off the board in higher class, back to pet class, runs on negative shoes
1. SKY JASMINE 62.5 A.Ashok Kumar 4 ]=1st timer to open class, has good record, consider
7. OCEANA 55 Keanen G.Steyn 5 ]=last 2 runs very poor, now in sharper trip, may get closer
12. ROMANTIC KING 51 Nitin Singh 7 ]=last season had a single run, well rested, yet to show its potential
6No.23. THE NAGAMANGALA PLATE 1200 Mts 5.00 P.M
Winner Rs.2,51,950; Second Rs.1,25,975; Third Rs.62,988;Fourth Rs.37,793; Fifth Rs.25,195; Sixth Rs.12,598, (Total Stakes Rs.5,16,499)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 60 and above (Class-II)
Horses considered for the selection:4289
4. TRIUMPHANT 56.5 Keanen G.Steyn 4 ]=last run interfered and ignore, earlier won well, trip down 200, can do now
7. CAPRI 54.5 M.Prabhakaran 7 ]=pulled up lame last run, earlier close 3rd as a favorite, begs another chance
1. CASTLE KING 65.5 Sarvan Kumar 6 ]=a fluent winner of a mile, carries more mass, trip down, upset chance
2. COUNTRY’S BEAUTY 64.5 S.G.Prasad 3 ]=winner of 4 races in a row, never carried this much weight, tracking well
3. VIJAYS BEST 61 N.Ravinder Singh 8 ]=a Hyderabad customer landed here, tracking nicely, may surprise
5. NO DOUBT 56 Gautam Raj Urs 1 ]=a consistent customer, tries very late, that is a worry
6. PROTECTOR OF PARIS 55 * Shiva Kumar 2 ]=a forward running customer, narrow winner last run, upped in class, may end up in money slot
8. MAJESTIC QUEEN 54.5 Saddam Hussain 10]=form on the upgrade last season, chance if it retains old form
9. SOCIETY MUSIC 54 A.Ramu 5 ]=winner of a mile race, trip down, respect on latest form
10. SPARK OF BEAUTY 50 Anil Baandal 9 ]=poor form line, can omit
7No.24. THE KOLAR PLATE 1400 Mts 5.30 P.M
Winner Rs.2,15,950; Second Rs.1,07,975; Third Rs.53,988;Fourth Rs.32,393; Fifth Rs.21,595; Sixth Rs.10,798, (Total Stakes Rs.4,42,699)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 40 to 65 (Class-III)
Horses considered for the selection:1 10 12  9
8. CLASS ABOVE 55.5 S.Santosh Kumar 6 ]=a long way 2nd last run, little consideration on that
1. HALLELUJAH 60 Ryan Marshall 10 ]=consistent performer, runs pet trip, chance again
11. MY FAVOURITE VOICE 52 Nitin Singh 4 ]=not very far away in last run, last run was interfered, upset chance note
12. TULIP 52 A.Ashhad Asbar 3]=placed 2nd in lower class, jumps up a class, low mass to favor, can consider
10. EVALINA 54.5 Keanen G.Steyn 7 ]=a far away 4th last run, runs the same trip, chance to get closer
2. DISTANT PROMISE 59.5 Deep Shanker 9 ]=last run bad, earlier placed 3rd, down in class, chance on that
3. BRYANT PARK 59 Md.Imran Ashraf 12 ]=a poor performer so far, must show more
4. ACE FORCE 58.5 V.Chandrakant 1]=winner lower class, -ve jockeyship, can omit on that
5. EXACTLY 57 S.Sameer 11 ]=dropped the rider as a favorite, earlier long distance winner, trip sharp, can omit on that
6. INDIAN ROYALTY 57 A.Ashok Kumar 5 ]=cannot be recommended on previous runs
7. STAR MOUNTAIN 56.5 N.Ravinder Singh 8 ]=off the board in last 2 runs, earlier 3rd in long trip, may or may not do it here
9. EXTRA SPARK 55.5 Nirmal Jodha 2 ]=off the board in last 3 runs, runs on –ve shoes, missing the spark

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