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Race Tips and Analysis Mysore Aug 22,2014

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1No.9. THE TALAKADU PLATE Div. II 1400 Mts 1.45 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.2,75,828)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 00 to 25 (Class-V)
4 years old and over
Horses considered for the selection: 6 10 9 1 7 8/Odds :
6. NATION’S GLORY 56.5 J.H.Christopher 2]=placed in last 2 runs, hard jockey continues to ride, can give a fair chance
5. ICE SPRINT 56.5 Ryan Marshall 9 ]=career 3rd run, had a  gate practice, improved form noted, can upset if in mood
9. DREAM NEO 54.5 M.Kumar 5]=a late 4th last run, trip up 200, can consider
10. PROST 54 V.R.Jagadeesh 7 ]=finished in the money in the last 3 outings, trip goes well with it, can consider
8. GLORIOUS MOMENTS 55.5 A.R.Pradeep 4 ]=never improved in last 6 runs, came down in handicap, a costly purchase, has every surprise elements
3. JAZZBYTHEBAY 57.5 B.Harish 3 ]=had 4 preps for this race, ran 4th as a favorite at Mysore, trip up 200, can surprise
7. RISING AFFAIRS 56.5 A.Vishwanath 8 ]=finished a far away 4th in a mile, scope to fill the frame
1. HOSTESS 62.5 T.S.Jodha 1]=had 2 poor runs at Bangalore summer, trip up and new, can omit on poor shows
2. INDIAN HERO 59.5 * Shiva Kumar 10 ]=last run pulled up lame, had 2 preps for this race, trip down 200, a FF, can consider
4. PEPPR 57 S.Mallikarjun 6 ]=improved 2nd in 1200, trip up 200, runs with the modest chance
11. ARC ANGEL 53.5 Ajeet Kumar 11 ]=placed 2nd at Mysore summer, trip same, runs on negative shoes
Our Tips: 6 5
2No.10. THE REGENCY GOLD PLATE 1100 Mts 2.15 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.3,44,786)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)
3 years old only, confined to Mysore based horses.
Horses considered for the selection : 3 2 7 1/Odds  
3. ROYAL REGINA 55.5 Y.S.Srinath 2 ]= a default winner in the Steward’s room, allows others to overtake, can consider on Srinath skills
2. BEAUTIFUL EFFECT 57 * Nassar Alam 8 ]=thrice placed this season, rookie rides, holds some promise here
7. GLORIOUS LIGHT 54 Arshad Alam 6 ]=debut run, had 2 preps, can consider
1. ALWAYS UNITED 60 J.H.Christopher 3 ]=form modest, trip pet, jockey hard, consider
6. ALLOY 54 Gautam Raj Urs 5 ]=ran 9/9 in terms company, NOW RANS IN HANDICAP COMPANY, may upset
4. FANTASY LIVING 54.5 Afsar Khan 1 ]=from maiden class to handicap class, improved recently, can upset
5. VROOM VROOM 54.5 Ajeet Kumar 7 ]=too many runs and no show, can be in the pace money at the max
8. PIPESOF PEACE 54 L.Prashant 4 ]=poor last run in a mile, earlier 4th, had 3 preps for this race
Our Tips: 3 6
3No.11. THE TALAKADU PLATE Div. I 1400 Mts 2.45 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.2,75,828)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 00 to 25 (Class-V)
4 years old and over
Horses considered for the selection:1 5 8 4 11/Odds
1. AQUA ARIA 62.5 A.Velu 6 ]=last ran in a mile, now the set looks little weaker, trip down 200, can contend
6. TRIPLE VICTORY 60 T.S.Jodha 11 ]=placed 3rd last run, trip same, trainer works hard, can consider
4. GAYLE’S STORM 60 Ryan Marshall 4 ]=had an easy run this season, trials good, can consider as an upset
5. THUNDER 60 P.Kiran Rai 8 ]=placed once in 6 runs at Bangalore, trainer jockey combo good, trip up 200, demotion 1st run, include all pools
9. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY 58.5 * S.Chethankalay 3 ]=poor last 2 runs, earlier placed in higher class, an upset chance may be
3. WOODKRAFT 61.5 * Shiva Kumar 10 ]=poor last 3, can omit
2. SHADES OF SCARLET 62.5 D.Gnaneshwar 1 ]=last run slow out and finished in the money, an oldie, can be in the place money now
7. BADSHAH 59 Gautam Raj Urs 12 ]=questionable last run, earlier placed twice, trainer jockey combo a bad chemistry, take a chance if you want
8. ORIENTAL BELLE 59 J.H.Christopher 9 ]=last run was in a mile, earlier placed in sprint, this trainer jockey combo works well, can consider
10. MAGNETIC POWER 58.5 B.Harish 5 ]=a dubious form animal, running pet trip, may upset
11. ZAMINDAR 57.5 A.Vishwanath 7 ]= an improved 2nd in the last run, trip same, can consider
12. MAGICAL FILLY 57 V.R.Jagadeesh 2 ]= =poor Bangalore form, may find this company weaker, trip pet, a fluke chance
Our Tips: 6 4
4No.12. THE CAUVERY PLATE Div. II 1100 Mts 3.15 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.3,44,786)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)
Horses considered for the selection :8 4 1 5 10/Odds:
8. MYSTICAL SHADOW 54 P.Kiran Rai 5 ]=knocking the door, planning to do it here, last 2 runs had incidents, can consider
7. BRIGHT EYES 54 JWDL 4 ]=last run blood vessel broke, earlier 4th, maiden class to open class, consider if Christopher rides
4. SMILE STONE 56.5 Afsar Khan 12 ]=failed 2nd as a favorite, trip same, a Bangalore challenger, can do it here
1. KENTUCKY ROSE 60 Arshad Alam 2 ]=an interfered last run, trip same, placed in last 2 runs, Can consider
2. AERIAL ACROBAT 59.5 Janardhan Paswan 9 ]=twice placed last season, runs down 100, can consider
12. SUMMERVILLE 53.5 M.Rajesh Kr. 3 ]=failed favorite in lower class, a slow starter in last 2 runs, jumps up a class, may be lucky today
3. SMART MISTRAL 57.5 Ryan Marshall 10 ]=a forward runner and improved shows, failed as a favorite, can avenge
5. ANMOL HIRA 55 Ajeet Kumar 11 ]=paced 4th in same class, trip same, can consider
6. CRISPY DELIGHT 54.5 Gautam Raj Urs 6 ]=poor last 3, can omit
9. SWIFT 54 A.Vishwanath 7 ]=from maiden class to open class, looks have improved, meets Bangalore challengers
10. TOUCH OF ROMANCE 54 L.Prashant 8 ]=last run was in a mile, earlier twice placed, twice FF, an upset chance may be
11. A MOVE TO REMEMBER 53.5 JWDL 1 ]=systematically brought down to this class, has an upset chance here
Our Tips: 7 8
(Total Stakes Rs.4,13,740)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 40 to 65 (Class-III)
Horses considered for the selection:11 12 3 5 /Odds
3. SANTA MARIA 57 T.S.Jodha 1 ]=a runaway winner last run, class up, trainer jockey combo works well, can consider
12. ULTIMATE PRINCESS 51 Ajeet Kumar 11 ]=placed 3rd in this class, trip down 200, may surprise
6. OSCAR SPARKLER 55.5 * Shiva Kumar 4 ]=a narrow winner last time, tossed up a class, trip pet, plans to be lucky again
11. ANDINA 51 Vivek 9 ]=runs on promotion, trip new, low mass to help
5. PRECIOUS REPLICA 56 Gautam Raj Urs 12 ]=ran in terms race last time, now back in handicap, can get in to a place slot
2. I SAY 58.5 Santosh Kr.Paswan 6 ]=had 2 poor runs at Bangalore, last run planted, took  a good jump from the gate practice
1. BESSIE 61 Babu Singh 8]=an improved 3rd in 1200, a win is long overdue for her, trip up 200
4. INDIAN ROYALTY 56 M.Rajesh Kr. 3 ]=always ran 10th in last 3 runs, deserves omitting
7. BRILLANTE 55 J.Paswan 10 ]=poor last 2 runs, earlier 2nd in a mile, needs more luck here
8. AANCHAL BEAUTY 54 N.Ramesh Kumar 7]=placed twice last season, goes trip up, jockey poor stats, can omit
9. SUTTON PRINCE 53.5 L.Prashant 2]=horrible last 4 runs, can omit
10. ROYAL PRODIGY 52 * Nassar Alam 5 ]=a dubious form animal, chance if others fail
Our Tips: 3 12
6No.14. THE STAR OF MYSORE TROPHY 1400 Mts 4.15 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.4,82,699)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 60 and above (Class-II)
Horses considered for the selection :1` 2 5 4 6 9/Odds
1. ROYAL SALUTE 62.5 T.S.Jodha 7 ]=runs after  21st Feb, won twice fluently, can do it if retains the form
5. SOFAST 56 Y.S.Srinath 8 ]=unlucky in last 6 runs, form closer to the winner, can consider seriously
3. ARTIC ROSE 56.5 V.R.Jagadeesh 5 ]=an interfered 5th last run, earlier winner lower class, can surprise
2. FRENEMEE 61 B.Harish 9 ]=placed in last 2 runs at Bangalore, can vote on his consistency
4. SCHOLAR 56.5 Keanen G.Steyn 4 ]=consistent in last 6 efforts, this oldie is running a pet trip note
6. COLOR ME 55.5 Ryan Marshall 6 ]=has the class, average in trials, can upset
7. DEMANDING FORMAT 55 Arshad Alam 2 ]=longing for a win, runs trip down 600, in with a chance note
8. AL ATTATURK 53 A.R.Pradeep 1 ]=forward and finished 3rd, trip down 200, in with a modest chance
9. BEN TEN 53 Gautam Raj Urs 3 ]=jumps up a class, weight favors, may upset
Our Tips: 5 4
7No.15. THE CAUVERY PLATE Div. I 1100 Mts 4.45 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.3,44,786)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)
Horses considered for the selection 2 1 4 6 7 12/Odds
5. SOCIETY MUSIC 61 Ajeet Kumar 9 ]=from terms race to handicap, knocking the door, trip very pet note
2. JOLIE 61.5 Arshad Alam 5 ]=in consistent, planning to fight with the consistent, modest chance
8. SHARP GIRL 56 Ryan Marshall 1 ]=winner lower class, trip pet, plans another show
1. CATTLEYA 61.5 P.S.Chouhan 8 ]=consistent form, in form jockey, deserves your attention
3. CAMPEON 61 Keanen G.Steyn 12 ]=higher class runs bad, a customer from Mumbai, can revive its old form
4. GAME DANCER 61 * A.Ramu 2 ]=oldie and speedy, carries more weight,  is a worry
6. TONY MONTANA 60 Nasir Imam 3 ]=poor form in Bangalore, 3rd run demotion, intent unknown
7. RAKSHITHA 57 Afsar Khan 7]=an easy 4th last run, this trainer puts tons of money and wins, better watch ring odds
9. GO MAN GO 54.5 B.Harish 4 ]=a narrow winner last time, trip down 200, planning another win
10. CHARLETTETOWN 54 A.Vishwanath 11 ]=poor last 2, can omit
11. REAL POTENTIAL 54 L.Prashant 10 ]=runs with youngsters now, winner in its own age group, needs more courage here
12. ICECREAM 52 M.Rajesh Kr. 6]= never in its last 5 runs, can omit
Our Tips: 5 2
8No.16. THE VARADA PLATE 1200 Mts 5.15 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.3,44,786)A Handicap for Indian Horses Rated 20 to 45 (Class-IV)
5 years old and over, confined to Mysore based horses
Horses considered for the selection:2 4 1 7  /Odds
7. DOMINICA 57 Irvan Singh 8 ]=last 3 runs not promising, earlier finished close 2nd, trip down 400, a forward runner note
1. GRAND SUCCESS 60.5 D.Gnaneshwar 9 ]=demotion 3rd run, a weight carrier, trip down, failed favorite, begs another chance
2. HEAVENLY DIVAS 60 Y.S.Srinath 7 ]=a failed favorite in the same trip, Srinath continues, can give one more chance
4. ICE WEAPON 59 * Shiva Kumar 4 ]=placed far away 4th in a mile, tries short distance now, demotion 2nd run, upset chance may be
3. ITS MY PARTY 59.5 S.Shoban Babu 3 ]=a fluent winner lower class, 10kgs penalty at the age of 7, has some meanings
5. SARATOGA SPRING 58.5 A.Vishwanath 1 ]=hidden form animal, trainer fits sport shoes on it, take a chance or leave it
6. GOLDEN WISDOM 57.5 S.Mallikarjun 12]=questionable last 2 runs, trip down 200, can improve in your pool games
10. HERCULEAN 54 Ajeet Kumar 2 ]=once placed among 4 runs, looks to be  Herculean task but available in night odds?
8. THRILLSEEKER 57 P.Kiran Rai 11 ]=forward and placed 3rd, trip down 200, runs with modest chance
9. WINNING DESIRE 55.5 M.Rajesh Kr. 5 ]=last 2 runs off the board, chances not that good
11. ALPINE SHINE 53.5 J.Paswan 6 ]=poor last 2 runs, can omit
12. SIVANTA 52.5 V.R.Jagadeesh 10]=form line not supporting
Our Tips: 7 1

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