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How to Win Always in Horse Racing?

How to win

Winning is an art either you learn it or follow the winners

An article By Punters’Mind (Exclusive to indiaracetips)
But then, if you had an opportunity to stand in the entrance of the gate of any race clubs and assuming you put a question to every race-goer individually, like, “do you want to win today?” What you think will be the answer from every one?
Do you think that anyone will say,” yes I want to lose today?”If someone says so, you obviously have another question to shoot, why are you entering then now?
Not only fearing to face this obvious question from the unknown they answer in affirmative, it is a human nature to think that “Yes that I WILL WIN TODAY”, despite he won yesterday or lost .Doesn’t  it augur well  for a theory you are always trying to win in racing when in actuality it is not possible.
I don’t say that you don’t deserve to win today if you had won yesterday and day before yesterday or even continually for the last week, but chances are diminished is little visible in my theory.
Do you think that the same jockey (ANY JOCKEY) will win consecutively 5 races today?, Do you think that  the same Trainer (Any Trainer ) will win consecutively 5 races today?, or do you think the same draw numbers will be heading a 5 wins today?
Please say, “Yes or No”
If your answer is probably “No” then, chances are ,that you are winning continuously 5 race days or 5 SELECTED races in a single race day also a ”Big No” and if your answer is “Yes “,you may be winning 3 consecutive races too, if your answer is unpredictable same is the case of your winning chances in the race too
Head or tail example:
There is something called probability theory in mathematics, easy to understand, difficult to argue, a MUST for the race goers to know what really it is.
Assuming ideal conditions, if you toss a coin 100 times you would probably see 50 tails and 50 heads give or take few heads or tails
The Poker double example:
Do you play poker?, if you are playing poker, you might have had opportunity to double your winning stake for nothing, yes almost for nothing .Yes a closed card will pop up and you have to say (predict) whether it is a big card or a  small one(less than 7 small including Ace card(considered=one here )
You can double umpteen times as long as you predict popped up small cards as small and big cards as big .But how long you will be right in predicting the right answer ?It is ended once you lay your finger on the wrong choice. All your winnings would vanish
And if you predict  a card  when it’s value is more than “7” as a small card in an effort to double your winning then you stand to lose your entire winnings
No formulas would work ever in racing:
Assuming  win or lose are the  two sides of a coin, win or lose in race wagering  is much bigger combination with so many races a day and so many runners in every card.
Here in racing no standard theory to predict would work always. You can neither follow a draw number to win, nor a horse number nor even a top jockey or trainer. Nothing would work always.
The permutation and combination would be too large to contain in your wagering capital.
In the long run (say in a racing season of 3 months) if your wagering brings say 10%ROI (RETURN ON INVESTMENT), then you are considered a lucky punter
I prefer to call a spade a spade and if you are lured by someone that the ROI is above 50% in his/her theory and that too in race wagering, mind it you are really being taken for a ride.
Be nearer to the pay-out counter:
It takes a lot of patience and hard work to possess a winning ticket that makes you to go often to the pay- out counters to cash your ticket
Do follow certain rules that are very often published in this website to make a meaningful wager.
And even now if you continue to think you can win always in horse racing either on your own or buying some paid tips it shows you are still an immature punter

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