How to Read Race Analysis?

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How to Read the Race Analysis and Tips? :

There will be  two tips or one tip per race given by the author at the end of each race analysis whether you take it or leave it and remember if the two choices are given then we consider one of them could be a winner whatever is the order we give in tips. Do not think first choice is having more weightage if the color shading is same for both of our choice in that race

If you are a longshot/fluke lover your selection is  our red shade in the analysis sheet box against the runner, simply note the numbers and play We may not give the upsets in our tips as we are restricting our choices to only one or two).

What we really mean is:

If we give  two choices under Our Tips and if they have the same color shade, then it is difficult to prioritize our selection and winner could be among two and if more runners are having the same shade  IN THAT RACE then there could be other which we missed in our selection and won  but  we have omitted to tip  in our tips not deliberately.

What is the use of giving 3 tips under selection and another three tips under track reporters choice(6 horses tipped in a 8 horses field!). Some times you find all six of them off the board. Please visit /open other websites tips page/race card  while having our tips page open in a separate window  to know who is better?

It is better  we give two  tips or a single tip and in rare cases both may be out of board but not frequently note.

If the color code is different for our tips then the first choice in author’s mind  has an edge over 2nd choice tipped, whether or not it wins or fails.

The author indicates his priority of his choices under color shades for for top contestants

The following are the  meaning of  shades while publishing our analysis  and we expect you to read correctly and apply your mind at race time because no tipster is perfect that includes us frankly.

What the color says (According to the Analysis author }
Runs with an excellent chance there may  be only one horse listed  under one race or for the entire day – means failure rate  will be very low though failures are possible
Runs with a good chance, beware there may be more than one  horses in this color and you need to be aware each this colored ones are having  same good chances, tipped or not
Runs with an upsetting chance on single/few factor(s), there may be more than one under this color too, sometimes single factor influences and the race is upset, tipped or not consider this color for upsets(Example sudden showers, or low pace or false pace which suits a single runner which is not at all fancied )
Runs  with modest choice, more than one runners may be shaded according to to the latest form, that means the chances for winning is shared by similar ability horses
Authors two choices given under Our Tips , if the two are having same color code on the left side of the table, read  first and 2nd choices as first choice only.We are the only one who sometimes dare to flash the single choice  in our selection and you find no tipster doing this bravo act of Flashing a single tip
 You are deemed to have read the following terms and abbreviations we frequently use in our Race to Race analysis for reaping MAXIMUM benefit


Abbreviations/glossaries frequently used in race to race analysis @indiaracetips
Our Tips author continues to use some terminology frequently to convey better in our race to race analysis and some of the readers have asked for clarification of certain terms we frequently use .Here are they. In case you have any mail us or use our customer care facility available in this site
What it means?
“A cat on the wall”: Cannot decide the chances now due to inconsistency
Bleeder:  Past race record of horse which blood through nostrils
Blinkers: A head gear used for correcting horse’s concentration in running
Bloodline:  pedigree of  a horse
Blown out:  Horses running to the front with unusual lead or with faster pace than usual  and no gas in the last part of the race
Class:   Range of ratings of horses  permitted and specified to run by Turf clubs(Example Class1 is better than Class2 and so on )
Combo: Combination
Connections: the professionals or people who share the winning booty (Usually, trainer, jockey, owner, sometimes other care takers associated with a horse , like breeders, grooms andothers)
Demotion: Lower class than it ran in the last class
Donkey’s Job: Pace setter for route races
Doosra: (origin-Hindi) Second entry of the same trainer(trainer has one more entry in this race)
Favourite: The horse which receives maximum support or bet
Foot gear: Shoes (aluminum, steel or bare foot)
Form: Horses Recent 4 Runs Performance Details
Gelded: Castrated
Graded: in India there are three grade races: grade 1, grade 2, grade3, grade 1 is of superior strength horses
Head gear: Blinkers, pacifiers, bands, ties
Lay off: period unraced by this horse
Morning odds: The price quoted by the bookmakers after some money came on from the connections
Night odds: price quoted by the bookmaker on each horse according to the winning chance
Odds On: price quoted usually low and you get very low return if the horse is winning
Omit: Can avoid considering here in this race
Opening odds: Likely opening odds before the start of the race by the official bookmakers
OTJ combo: Owner trainer jockey combination
Promotion: upper class than in the last class
Purse: Winning or prize money of the race also called STAKES
Quartet: A list containing four, usually mentioning here  if a horse trainer has 4 entries in a single race
ROI: Return on investment in percentage
Stats: Statistics
Theesra:  Third entry of a trainer in the same race (trainer has two more entries other than this horse)
TJ Combo: Trainer jockey combination of recent past mounts
Trip: Race distance
Tuning: training or trials or exercise for horses to make more  competitive
Training off period: The horse which undergoes fitness trails by giving many runs but not winning or not finding in money board
Under cover: Horses running in the front bunch but not leading
Winner CD] =WINNER in this race course and track of today’s race distance
More will be added as and when necessary AND  more will be added if the users put in queries and we find it can accomodate

What is Unique in Our Race to Race Analysis?

This is our regular and unique feature .No one cares to analyse all the runners like we do and that much you will be knowing by now.We are sure that, there will be no competitor for this type of analysis and all bogus tipsters will be weeded out in course of time. We analyze  the entire race card and writing on every runner is not a joke and we are not writing for writing-sake. This you would agree if you have gone through our analysis for a period of time

Usually a tipster or blogger discusses two or three animals as per the night odds and pose as clever tipsters but avoid studying the entire field  in every race But a race punter is seemingly not satisfied with these type of analyses because he is constantly worrying about threat factors of other runners and he/she ought to know the strength and weakness of other runners participating here without which the investment or wagering looks fearful and he may miss a wonderful winning opportunity for not knowing it

Earlier we too were offering some selected horses analysis and we got hundreds of mails asking us to cover the entire race card runners in our analysis.That prompted us to search for an expert in this field to analyse all the runners

.We give facts under each runners and mostly pointing to form, jockeyship, distance change, handicap change, track trials and class change and equipment change under this analysis whichever we feel will make impact on todays running

It is difficult for every race goer  to do the analysis individually. Please note that we do not make a comment like  today’s card  is nice, the card is wonderful, and we avoid making adverse comments like half knowledge bloggers saying this will not finish on board and that will not finish here.This probably shows immaturity of a tipster whether paid or free

.All our comments will point whether you can omit this runner from competition or can have it for considering  and of course little spice of authers opinion will be there to boost your confidence

The tips are published in our page TAB named Analysis/Tips and in regular post for easy navigation, and gets shifted later  to posts to give you a history of what we tipped so far. A download link is given for you to print or save in your computer to say that published posts are not altered like other bloggers /spineless tipsters who do the cheep gimmick of changing their tips after one week or so in their published posts

How to use our data base?:

We have our own  Data base of horses included from last season and the form pointers are available in three different heads,

You are given list of today’s runners, list of jockeys engaged today and trainers for the day in alphabetical order with direct links to our own data base

QUICK form guide:(from last season) about the performance of the horse , includes class, rating, purse value of previous runs it raced, exact number of lengths it finished behind the winner with a quick link to our company line data base

Jockey history finder(Gives the detail of name of the horse the jockey rode in the past, finish position, date with a link to company line from our own data base and this option is available only to readers of this site as of now and not found anywhere in any sites)

Trainer history (Here,you can find what are  all the mounts of the trainer till last week, finish, horse name with a hyper link to horse class and rating of the earlier company it ran) Please note that our aim is to give maximum possible input  TO YOU at minimum effort and if any errors found on page please report us to serve you better.

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