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The first surprise winner under floodlights,, enough hint has been given in our analysis

First winner of Mumbai under Floodlights


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Punters please note:
In addition to the many variants playing vital role in the outcome of races another additional variant of race fixture timings (day night races) may have some unknown effect.
The feeding pattern to today’s runners (horses)will obviously change and going to the starting gates at night time will be definitely new to these horses and there may be changes in their exhibited form line before the horses are habituated to this timing. There is likely to be track variant with significant changes as compared to regular Day time racing. Keep note of all these.
Predictions are not invincible and please do not put all eggs in one basket  in your wagering till a known pattern emerge from  day night racing
1No.331. THE BEJAN BHARUCHA PLATE 1600 Mts 4.00 P.M
Winner Rs.1,42,250; Second Rs.60,000; Third Rs.32,250;Fourth Rs.15,500. (Total Stakes Rs.2,50,000)
A Handicap for Horses Rated 01-26. (Class-V)
Horses considered for the selection:13286
1. PRETTY LIGHTS247 59 Yash Narredu 1 ]=3 runs this season, still a maiden, now demoted, Yash powers the saddle, trip in compass, can consider
3. SINDBAAD297 58.5 Bhawani Singh 3 ]=5 unconcerned runs this season, drop in class, trip favorable  note
2. GAABRRIO259 58.5 Dashrath Singh 4]=proven TJ, nowhere in last 4 runs, trip up 600, an unknown quantity, drop in class should favor
6. NIGELLA322d 53 T.S.Jodha 7 ]=placed in last 2 runs, trip little up and pet, can consider as an upset
8. IBIS276b 50.5 C.S.Jodha 5 ]=oldie, showing some zeal, last run interfered, should be lucky to claim the prize
4. SKY LANTERN271 54.5 R.Shelar 2 ]=running in the same class, poor shows so far, trip down 400, looks can omit
5. ICE RINK292 54 Amyn Merchant 6 ]=5 runs without a win, always seen with the tail enders, trip up 200, can omit
7. NATIONAL STAR221 51 J.Chinoy 8 ]=poor last 4, trainers doosra, questionable form
2No.332. THE KLAIRON GOLD PLATE Div. I 1400 Mts 4.30 P.M
Winner Rs.2,28,000; Second Rs.96,000; Third Rs.52,000;Fourth Rs.24,000, (Total Stakes Rs.4,00,000)
For Maiden Indian Horses 3 years old only
Horses considered for the selection:23915
2. PERSIAN PRINCE 137 55 Akshay 8 ]=subject to steady preps, must show more than the debut effort, runs after 90 days, chance on trainer’s strength
3. TENNESSEE249 55 A.Sandesh 6 ]=ran closer in last 2 runs, Sandesh named to ride, will make the difference
1. HURACAN 55 Neeraj Rawal 4 ]=debut run, preps good
9. NAME OF THE GAME301c 53.5 Dashrath Singh 7 ]=a faraway 3rd last run, TJ proven combo, upset chance if any
4. WAJOOD294 55 J.Chinoy 3 ]=poor last 4, can omit
5. ATALYA119 53.5 P.Trevor 2 ]=TJ a proven combo, last ran 10 out of 12, trip up 200, Trevor picks up the ride, a chance on that
6. DANCING PRETTY 53.5 Yash Narredu 9 ]=debut run, Yash up, consider
7. FEARLESS NADIA 53.5 Kavraj Singh 5 ]=debut run
8. KAYLA 53.5 Kishore Kadam 1 ]=debut run
3No.333. THE NIGHT CROWN PLATE 2000 Mts 5.00 P.M
Winner Rs.1,82,000; Second Rs.77,000; Third Rs.41,500;Fourth Rs.19,500. (Total Stakes Rs.3,20,000)
A Handicap for Horses Rated 40-66. (Class-III)
Horses considered for the selection:234
2. EL CAMINO304b 57.5 P.Trevor 3 ]=improving with every run, for o the upgrade, TJ well proven, every time stepping up the trip, consider
3. HOSHIYAAR279b 53.5 A.Sandesh 4]=failed narrowly in last attempt, winning jockey  back its back, up in class, low mass to favor, chance to amend
5. TROPPA BELLA295 50 Yash Narredu 1 ]=ran short trips and was closer to the winner, Yash takes the chance, low mass to favor, consider if you love long shots
1. MANAKEL311 62 * R.Ajinkya 5]=nowhere in last 4 runs in higher class, goes the same trip, allowanced drop down in class may make the difference
4. DANSE DEBONAIRE304 53 Bhawani Singh 2 ]=did the donkey’s job last run and retired, earlier winner CD] lower class, will take to its heals come what may
Winner The Trophy (Value Rs.25,000/-) & Rs.2,08,000; Second Rs.87,500; Third Rs.47,500;Fourth Rs.22,000. (Total Stakes Rs.3,65,000)A Handicap for Horses Rated 60-86. (Class-II)
Horses considered for the selection:31862
1. SIMPLY SWEET (293) 59 C.S.Jodha 7 ]=fluent winner CD] this class, mass up, loves fast pace, can stake its claim once again
3. STARISTOCRAT (224) 57.5 Yash Narredu 2 ]=winner CD], PROVEN FATHER SON COMBO, mass up by 6 and ½ kg, consider again on current form
6. HIMALAYAN QUEEN(286) 52.5 A.Sandesh 3 ]=winner 1200 last  run, tossed up a class, Sandesh picks up the ride, TJ proven, chance if fancied ones fail
8. FREE SPEECH288d 50 A.Ashhad Asbar 8 ]=placed 4th in lat run, cannot threaten a winner here
2. PROVIDENCE198 58.5 Bhawani Singh 4]=last ran interfered 5th, trip up 200, may be helpful to your pool games
4. FORTUNE HUNTER300 57 Kavraj Singh 5 ]=average form line, trip up and in  compass, may try for a place slot
5. ICE ZONE293 53 * Akshay Gaikwad 6 ]=ran poor 5th last run, allowanced now, looks little difficult
7. ZOOM ZOOM248 52.5 Shrikant Kamble 1 ]=poor last 4, looks can omit
5No.335. THE KLAIRON GOLD PLATE Div. II 1400 Mts 6.00 P.M
Winner Rs.2,28,000; Second Rs.96,000; Third Rs.52,000;Fourth Rs.24,000, (Total Stakes Rs.4,00,000)
For Maiden Indian Horses 3 years old only.
Horses considered for the selection:39568
9. VITESSE 272c 53.5 Kavraj Singh 4 ]=twice 3rd in as many attempts, showing zeal, TJ proven, a must to consider
3. JOSS249 55 P.Trevor 7 ]=last run received some support but finished nowhere, may have some hidden meaning, watch the market trend
6. SAKER 305 55 A.Sandesh 5 ]=seen hanging out last run, determined SANDESH UP AGAIN, TJ proven,  begs another chance
5. RUNNING STORM256d 55 Yash Narredu 3 ]=a faraway 4th last run, trainer poor in clearing maidens, Yash up, may get near
1. AEOLUS MAXIMUS319 55 Shrikant Kamble 6 ]=6 run without a win this season, modest form line, trip not new
2. HIGHLAND KING305w 55 Deep Shanker 1 ]=debut run, determined trainer
4. RISING CONCERT244 55 J.Chinoy 8 ]=had a poor debut run, trip up 400, yet to show
7. SENSEX 55 A.Ashhad Asbar 2 ]=debut run, TJ a fluke combo
8. RACHEL289 53.5 Amyn Merchant 9 ]=must show more than the last 2 runs, trip up 200, looks can omit
6No.336. THE QUEST FOR CASH PLATE 1400 Mts 6.30 P.M
Winner Rs.1,62,000; Second Rs.68,500, Third Rs.37,000;Fourth Rs.17,500. (Total Stakes Rs.2,85,000)
A Handicap for Horses Rated 20-46. (Class-IV)
Horses considered for the selection:58341
8. CON MAN 280c 55 A.Sandesh 10 ]=under Stewards scanner last run, Sandesh up, will deliver the lethal blow
3. SHAUGHNESSY280d 59.5 Dashrath Singh 5 ]=7th run this season, twice placed, change of table may bring luck
5. ADVANCE TO CONTACT298b 58.5 P.Trevor 4 ]=ran 2nd in 1200m, gets trip up 1200, champion rides, little chance on that
4. PRETTY HOT283 59 Yash Narredu 12 ]=seen hanging out last run, chance if corrected, better jockey up note
6. HOT PEPPER(307) 56.5 T.S.Jodha 15 ]=delivered connections money safely last run, trip down 200 and up in class now, upset chance here
1. MAALIK(284) 60 A.Ashhad Asbar 9]=twice winner , trip in compass, heading for a hat trick, not that easy
2. SUMMER EXPRESS269 60 * S.J.Sunil 8]=poor last 2, one more and an unveil
7. MIDNIGHT RUN104 55.5 * Akshay Gaikwad 14 ]=not in the money board in last 4 runs, drown very wide, allowance jockey may make some difference
9. NATIONAL PRIDE237 55 Kishore Kadam 3 ]=not very faraway in last run, trip up and not new, may have some hidden plans note
10. CEASARINA246 53 J.Chinoy 1 ]=last run unplaced, earlier 2 runs placed in shorter trips, TJ proven, trip up and new, may be a long shot
11. SEVEN SEAS280 52 I.Pasha 11 ]=off  the frame in last 6 runs, deserves omission
12. MAGIC VISION297 51 C.S.Jodha 2 ]=last run was too bad, earlier modest form, little better jockey up now, looks cannot threaten a winner here
13. MZURI 51 Neeraj Rawal 13 ]=a faraway 4th last run, runs after a long gap is a real worry
14. ZAAGROS(243) 51 Bhawani Singh 6 ]=fluent winner lower class, upped in class, same rider continues, looks will touch the money board
15. YODHA SHAKTI297 50 B.Nikhil 7 ]=cannot be consider on current form
7No.337. THE FROZONE CUP Div. I 1000 Mts 7.15 P.M
Winner The Cup (Value Rs.25,000/-) & Rs.1,42,250; Second Rs.60,000; Third Rs.32,250;Fourth Rs.15,500. (Total Stakes Rs.2,50,000)A Handicap for Horses Rated 01-26. (Class-V)
Horses considered for the selection:8161136
8. SPEAR OF TRIUM328 59 Dashrath Singh 3 ]=forward and dropped back last run, improved form seen, trip down 200, TJ proven, chances rosy now
5. PEIZIERES253 60 T.S.Jodha 4 ]=from rookie to jockey, sports shoes ON, last run seen hanging, owner trains the horse, upset chance note
11. BLAZING FIRE291 56.5 Darren Williams 10 ]=ran little closer last run, trainer has other entry too
6. SUNSHINE HEART295b 60 * S.J.Sunil 7 ]=lost narrowly last run, tries reduced trip, runs with pace, an advantage here
1. BLACKBEAN291b 61.5 A.Sandesh 8 ]=an interfered 2nd last run, runs the same trip, chance to amend here
2. MIGHTY SPLENDOR280 61 Dharmender 11 ]=last 2 runs nowhere, trip down, chance if it loves to run under floodlights
3. BRAZIL285 60 * R.Ajinkya 2 ]=poor last 4, another rookie up, no commends
4. MT TIANMEN259 60 * D.S.Daman 6 ]=poor form line to consider here
7. SANAM260 59.5 I.Pasha 5 ]=tries reduced trip, no form to go by in last 5 runs
9. CUT DIAMOND197 57.5 Shrikant Kamble 9 ]=poor form line ,omit
10. ACKER BILK291 56.5 * K.N.Bhati 1 ]=unplaced in last 7 runs this season, may aim a place slot at most
8No.338. THE CAMBAY TIGER CUP 1000 Mts 7.45 PM
Winner The Cup (Value Rs.1,00,000/-) & Rs.1,82,000; Second Rs.77,000; Third Rs.41,500;Fourth Rs.19,500. (Total Stakes Rs.3,20,000)A Handicap for Horses Rated 40-66. (Class-III)
Horses considered for the selection:186710
6. SOOTHSAYER(313) 57.5 Yash Narredu 3 ]=won nicely last run, penalized but Yash up, consideration on current form
4. INCENTIO288c 58 Dashrath Singh 6 ]=came late on the scene and then got disqualified for the jockey failing to come to the weighing room, now better jockey up, looks will stake its claim now
1. DREAMZ UNLIMITED164d 59 Darren Williams 7 ]=continues to receive some supports in this class, runs after 76 days, the rest might have done some good
2. SUN HOT158b 58.5 Mansoor Khan 4 ]=last run interfered, earlier hanging, a step earlier drifted out  and won, deserves consideration here on  its consistency note
3. ASHRAFIE288c 58 A.Ashhad Asbar 5 ]=loves to go to the front, the reduced trip may be to its liking, consider
5. AINRA158 57.5 * Akshay Gaikwad 10 ]=has hidden form, this apprentice can make the dent today, runs after 82 days
7. EXTREME LOVE236 57 A.Sandesh 1 ]=better jockey up this time, bound to improve, consider
8. EL WONDER313c 56 Mudassar Nazar 11 ]=loves going to the front, last run a failed favorite, begs seriously another chance
9. ORIENTAL ROCKY288 55.5 Shrikant Kamble 9 ]=poor form line, last run whip lost
10. AS GOOD AS GOLD313b 55 * S.J.Sunil 12]=could only finished 2nd last run, another forward runner, running with the upset chance note
11. UMARKOT313 54 N.Rawal 8 ]=all runs marred by incidents, chance if there is a clear run
12. SANSANI298 52 M.A.Roushan 2 ]=poor form lie noted, looks will take some more time
9No.339. THE FROZONE CUP Div. II 1000 Mts 8.15 P.M
Winner The Cup (Value Rs.25,000/-) & Rs.1,42,250; Second Rs.60,000; Third Rs.32,250;Fourth Rs.15,500. (Total Stakes Rs.2,50,000)A Handicap for Horses Rated 01-26. (Class-V)
Horses considered for the selection:9281
8. ZAFIRAH ( 302) 56.5 Shrikant Kamble 1 ]=a narrow winner last run in the same class, trip a furlong down, a little chance on that
9. ZARAR285c 56.5 P.Trevor 7 ]=winner and later finished 3rd, back to pet trip, chance on  Trevor’s strength
1. MYSTICAL SUNRISE 60 Kishore Kadam 6 ]=rested 198 days, may need a run here, drop down in class
2. FAJR295 59.5 S.P.Ranjane 10 ]=an inconsistent customer, TJ proven
3. WITHOUT FEAR302 59.5 Darren Williams 11 ]=poor form line in the same class, penultimate run was better, a little chance on that
4. BIG BANG291 59 I.Pasha 5 ]=more tuning required, can omit
5. MOVE IN TIME267 58 R.Shelar 3]= looks very much in the training off period, deserves omission here
7. MONTERAY291 57 S.Sameer 4 ]=poor shows in last 2 runs this season, can be thrown out from the competition
6. EMERALD FORTUNE268 57.5 Zameer Sayyed 9 ]=no zeal in last 8 runs, do you want me to recommend?
10.MOONDROPS172 52 J.Chinoy 2 ]=cannot be considered  on current form
11. COURTESY CALL 50 B.Nikhil 8]=from Pune to  Bombay, runs after 180 days, chances bleak

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